I can't hate you

January 10, 2010
I wish I could hate you,
yet when I try I can't.
I don’t understand,
how that could be,
but it is,
and it ruins me inside,
it destroys my soul,
that i still love you,
and you love another.
Your loss they say,
yet you're happy.
It's my loss,
and your gain.
Your happiness,
and my pain.
You live,
and i die,
deep inside.
I'm left here,
all alone,
and you're there,
with him.
Like a knife in my heart,
that vision is.
To see you two together,
it makes me wish,
that you'd come back.
yet it will never happen.
I try to forget,
but you're still there,
haunting my every thought,
and dream.
I put on a mask and walk away,
pretending to be ok,
pretending to be over you,
when truthfully,
i still need you,
love you,
want you,
and miss you.
You're gone,
haven taken my soul with you.
I'm left,
broken to pieces,
and alone,
while you're over there,
happy and whole,
and never to be alone.

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