Leave Me Alone

January 10, 2010
By CreativeGreatness♥ BRONZE, Lynwood, Illinois
CreativeGreatness♥ BRONZE, Lynwood, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
" Too positive to be doubtful
Too optimistic to be fearful
Too determined to be defeated..."

Leave me alone
Let me be
Get out of my face
I need space to breath
A loner I might be
But alone is sometimes where I always wanna be
To be alone
To sit and think about whatever is bothering me
To sit and think of my dreams
To sit and think of the way of my day
To sit and think of the peace and serenity that seeps through my soul with no sound
Pure isolation
Maybe some delight of these things, because unlike words,the quite speaks the truth
When I'm alone my imagination runs wild
I am free to express myself without judgement
I am free to be who I truely am inside that not very many may see
Leave me alone...so I can be free!

The author's comments:
People that know me, and myself as well, sometimes classify me as "the loner type". I often agree because I like to be alone and my reason's for that are explained within the poem. However, like most people I do get lonely at times. But overall writing poetry gives me an outlet to express myself when speaking actual words becomes difficult.

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