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It is Beautiful

January 9, 2010
By egoetz2012 SILVER, Haddonfield, New Jersey
egoetz2012 SILVER, Haddonfield, New Jersey
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Is it a place?
Could it be a person?
An animal or object?
I say it is all of those. It can be anything.

That murky pond in the park; take a look.
At a glance, see rotting leaves and brown scum
Ferocious bugs and a venomous spider.
Grey fish swimming slowly among old Coke cans.
Now look again, and study hard.
The pond seems different now
Sparkling water, vibrant and green, murk and scum slid away
Glistening beetles flitting across the surface
Above royal goldfish darting through rocks
The sun catches the spider’s web, igniting the tiny dewdrops aflame.
Soft pink petals glaze the water
Their tingling aroma hanging in the air
Hear the robin whistling its tune nearby.
It is a place.

The quiet girl in the back of class; take a look.
She seems shy, rarely speaking
Plain brown hair and plain brown clothes
Now look again, and study hard.
She has a beautiful smile that could light up a room
Deep blue eyes, blue as a river.
She walks tall and proud, never afraid.
Her laugh sounds like golden bells, ecstatic.
It is a person.

This one sits in the grass; take a look.
It lays there, tired, unmoving
Four legs and a tail, orange and brown.
Nothing special?
Now look again, and study hard.
Those legs are strong and muscular, flexing as she rises
The cheetah runs with dreamlike grace
A bullet shooting through the wind
Her face is two marble eyes and jagged black lines
Her mind keen and smart
It is an animal.

There’s a field full of them; take a look.
Lanky green stalks snapping in the wind.
Brown leaves sinking to the ground
The same colors, spanning forever
Now look again, and study hard.
The daisy’s soft white petals
Soft to the touch
Powdery yellow pollen
Littering the ground
It is an object.

Winter rages outside; take a look.
Releasing grey skies and icy temperatures
That house looks dark and cold
Now look again, and study hard.
See the fire glowing softly in the living room
A halo of people sitting
Emanating happiness, laughter, joy
Smiling faces, hugging, together as a family.
It is a family.

It is beautiful.

The author's comments:
What is beauty through your eyes?

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