Trapped In An (im)perfect World

January 9, 2010
By dingdong1219 BRONZE, Union, New Jersey
dingdong1219 BRONZE, Union, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." -Plato

Don’t hug me-
If you don’t intend to hold on forever.
A sweet embrace can be the most painful thing in the world-
Because you will let go
-You always seem to.

Why is it that I run back-
To that person who has hurt me?
Shouldn’t they be?
-The one coming back?
This makes me question-
Who left in the first place?

Too attached to let go-
Even when I never had it.
Who I was holding-
Was a person who never existed.
A creation of mine,
Made by my feeling of desperation-
To believe you were real.

Stolen from me-
Never to be returned.
You ran away to inexistence-
To a place unknown,
Where I can’t even see you in my dreams.
You haunt my nightmares.

Your deadly embrace,
Your fatal caress,
Your poisonous reassurance,

Never have I feared it so much.
Knowing a second glance,
Would have me falling again.
Unable to hold onto reality
-drifting into an abyss,
I fall
-and keep on falling;
Until you disappear once again.
And just as I expected-
You don’t return.

I have too many.
I received to little of.
But regrets?
I have none.

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