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January 9, 2010
By Lexie Walburg BRONZE, Orangevill, Utah
Lexie Walburg BRONZE, Orangevill, Utah
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Watermelons and fireflies are too totally different thing’s
As are hands and honey and shinny things
Why are things so different you say
Well my young one they simply go away.
I know that this poem doesn’t make much sense
I’m only trying to rime.
I once went to the haunt with some friends of mine
We walked through the scary haunted house
Holding each other and covering our mouths
We saw a guy with his head held high
Because he had some
He was quite a lovely fellow
All wiggly and giggly
Slimy and gross oh I am totally kidding
It isn’t gross its sooooo
Yummy in my tummy
Like a bird on a tree
Like a worm on the ground
Or a frog on a chair
Or a bird and a mouse
I’m sorry that this poem is pointless
I really am cant you tell?
I really could go on and on but I have a life
And stuff to do as well
I am just so bored sitting in my basement
Watching little kid shows

The author's comments:
um i got bored....

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