The Sea Calls Me

January 9, 2010
By CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
CodyRidenour PLATINUM, Dundee, Oregon
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I love you so very much my beloved.
We spent many years with one another, we lived our lives together.
We had family, we had happiness, and above all else, we had love.
Beside the sea we lived.
On the Irish coast we built our home, our place of comfort.
We were happy my darling, we laughed and loved.
However, the fog rolled in, the darkness fell, and the times came.
You, my love, you called to me.
And I, with all my heart gave you your wish.
The sea calls me; it beckons me to leave these fouled lands.
You were given what you wished for, when the times came.
I, with everything I had gave you that wish, with tears in my eyes.
I am now alone.
I am alone in these dark places.
Our love, family and home are now all but a memory.
The sea calls to me my love, and I answer it.
I go now into the fog that brought forth all of this, that separated our lives.
I miss you, and I still love you with all of my heart.
The sea calls me into its cold world.
The sea calls me to its watery grave.
With all my love I parted you from this world, from this wicked world.
My love, you now live amongst the angels in the Kingdom of Heaven.
I go forth to the sea, where I will meet my maker, where I will be returned to you.
I miss you, I miss you so greatly.
The fog is growing darker, the air colder and life shorter.
Flames consumed our house, gutting it to black bones while you were there.
You felt the heat of life take you away as I watched from the shore of the sea.
I cried as your body was consumed by fire, and your soul was released to the heavens.
The times are dark; the sun no longer glows in the sky.
I cry as I walk to the sea.
It calls me to it.
The sea calls me…
My love.

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