It hurts so badly

January 9, 2010
Between the precipice that balances
How this world will choose
On this wire thin trapeze
I look upwards at the cooling molten
That makes up my world
And wonder where he is
Will he come back
To take this weight
From my disease wrought shoulders?
This world that I have made
Will not remain steady much longer
As the wire digs into my feet
And I sway dangerously
Clasping the world with my hands
Trying to keep it from falling
Where is he?
Come back
So I may relieve my weight
And rejoin the ones who have
Already left my side
This is what he had made me into
This is what he had cursed me to
For being a dreamer, a thinker
Come back, I'm in pain!
I wish to keep this world balanced
But I am so tired
So terribly tired
Come back!

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