Never Blinking Eye

January 9, 2010
It drips down the trembling hands
Blood is the only thing that
Can save you now
Paint the red
Across the wavering wall
To soothe the beast within
Don't scream as it shudders
And breathes to the rhythm
Of the death rattle seething
From the vacant, sightless puppet

Cover the entire wall
Don't leave a single patched bare
Every blank space serves as an eye
That allows it to poison the world
With its rotting, tortured gaze
Hurry up! Don't waste a second!
It will not be idle for long
Blood is the only thing
That lulls the beast
Back into nightmarish sleep
Pray that you finish in time
Because when its gaze rests on you
Peace, love, and happiness
Disappear in the never ending
Suffocating black hole
Of its never blinking eye

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