I am me

January 9, 2010
I am me

I am not a woman
I am not a man
Not a girl, not a boy
Or a lass, or a lad
I am me

I am not sane
I am not insane
Here but not here
Far away but right here
I am me

I love men
I love women
For it is their soul I see
Not their gender
I am me

I get angry and scream
I get sad and weep
I get happy and laugh
My emotions are endless
And without shame
I bare them all
Because I am me
And I'll do whatever
I want to

I love and I hate
I am kind and I cause chaos
I sympathize yet love violence
I am crazy yet I'm not locked up
I am strange and enjoy it
I am violent and psychotic
Yet I'm called kind by many
None know who I am

I am me

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