January 9, 2010
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The alarm sounds
but i am already awake
it gets louder and louder but i cannot hear
i cannot comprehend what is occurring
my mind is perplexed
the feel as though its getting louder and louder...
i feel a sound..
how can this be??
wait i hear something...
the cries of a man...
there is a faint light...
i am incapable of making his face out..
who is this man i feel as though i know him..
wait.. i hear more voices..
they are whispering my name..
the sound of the alarm is louder but where am i??
i want to get up..
i can hear the alarm now..
its getting louder
its hurting..
i can see the man..
its me
but how could this be?
and as i uttered those words..
i felt the life leaving the mans arm..
no it was my arms..
i am getting weaker
i am in an ambulance..
but what am i here for?
who is this man?
he's dying i scream but nobody listens
help him!! i shout
i see my father crying..
wait!! there are my friends
why wont anybody answer..
dad it hurts..
y am i hurting so bad...
blood is rushing out...
what happened??
dad help!!
and as i uttered my last words all i could hear was..
"I'm sorry"

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