Mirage of Life

January 9, 2010
By Georgia-Girl GOLD, Greenacres, Washington
Georgia-Girl GOLD, Greenacres, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Don't frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile!

Frolicking in the valley
Of innocence
Wandering through the meadow
Of confusion
Skipping on the path
Of fun
Slowly entering the gulf
Of despair
Climbing over the wall
Of regret
Pondering at the pool
Of decisions
Pausing in the orchard
Of adolescence
Sliding into the pit
Of negative thoughts
Gazing across the sea
Of magic
Fighting against the rosebush
Of love
Lost in the maze
Of jealousy
Succumbing to the river
Of emotions
Breathing in the aroma
Of maturity
Marching over the bridge
Of sacrifice
Conquering the mirage
Of life

The author's comments:
life is full of challenges. but so much more at the same time.

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