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January 8, 2010
By Georgia-Girl GOLD, Greenacres, Washington
Georgia-Girl GOLD, Greenacres, Washington
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Don't frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile!

Can anyone tell me why?
Why I feel this…lousy
I just, wanna cry
I don’t understand!
My life is a fortunate one
I live in the promised land
Where I can love my father up above
The way I want to
My life is full of love
I have Talents in every domain
friends in every circle
Compared to others I shouldn’t complain
Somehow I can’t get it out of my head
This is not just a finding yourself phase
I have a lot of potential but instead
I waste my time crying
Over the silly insignificant things people say
I have been trying
To find a mental illness
To match my symptoms
Forced by mind games into stillness
I ponder the universe
In the next instant I’m distracted
By the responsibilities of a nurse
I ask about pineapples
Then move on to the texture of the sunset
And bells in chapels
I write in prose
Argue the fate of the planet
And Suffer in silence all my woes
To be true I am a regular girl
But there is a problem in my mind
To me everything is in a whirl
I push friends away
Create self injury
And then pretend everything’s okay
My life is missing something
I’m confused and completely at a loss
How do you have everything
Going perfect but at the same time
You have no idea why you are unhappy
This dissatisfaction is a crime
Someone help me with …everything
I am living a life
Full to the brim of …nothing

The author's comments:
i was feeling depressed and i didn't know why. somehow i needed to make others or at least myself understand what i was feeling. i hope you do.

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