The Raven

January 8, 2010
By lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
lilblonde103 SILVER, Farmingville, New York
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The darkness falls
A raven crows
Somewhere off in the distance my lover falls
His face lies against the cold hard stone
His heartbeat slows to a stop
His breathing stops
Color drains from his lips as I kiss him once more
He is gone
I hear an angel softly call his name
I see his spirit leave to be with her
He does not look back
He is gone
No longer apart of the earthly world
I hear the raven Cry out once more
The echo’s of his cry lingers in my ears
I shout out into the darkness
Cursing them for taking him
And I hear a voice
“This is your fault you know”
I cry out yet again
“Why, why did you take him from me?”
I hear the ravens cry
As he lands atop the windowsill
Only this time the cry from the raven sound like
“You, you killed him
It is all your fault he is dead.”
“Why” I cry out yet again
The raven lifts his head
And cries out softly
“You killed him”
With that the raven flies off into the darkness
And is gone
The clock chimes midnight
Thunder clashes and my lover’s body disappears

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