Forgive Me

January 8, 2010
By Bryan Mann BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
Bryan Mann BRONZE, Knoxville, Tennessee
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Forgive me
For I have sinned,
but no more, never more

For I have sinned, like a one night stand
A repentant alternative
In which I am weathered and hollow
a preference to those drowning
in inadequacy and lacking self-worth
Or the ill minded absent of sobriety
Sopping with self indulgence
Peeling the very walls of insanity
Till blood covers heaven’s gate

For fears haunts me, like a ghost
A wretched evil
In which I’m abandoned in a frigid shake
A freezing quiver to righteous
But abysmal images framed in demise
To the weak willed and black hearted
Till thy fading conscious dissolves
Leaving a trail of bloody angels
And fire blistered shoulders

For I plead, like a beggar
A weathered spirit
In which I implore paltry forgiveness
A dying heart in a frail chest
Suffocating from insufficient hope
Praying to the powers that reign o’er head
Till cobblestones crack and bleed
From torn and beaten knees
And this life lastly ends for me

Forgive me
For I have sinned,
but what for, what for

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