My Reward

January 8, 2010
A fog in front of me
clouding my vision
a quick draw in
and the fog is gone.
A slow release,
savoring the rush between my lips,
and the fog returns.
Looking up at the sky,
my eyes catch my reward.
The sky has fallen
into a painter’s dream;
vibrant reds, pinks,
oranges, and pale blues,
shimmer down at me
in almost a tease.
The snow shines,
colors reflecting into my eyes timidly.
Suddenly, I feel as though
I have frightened the sunset
as it begins to fade into a deep mask of purple.
I turn my back,
heart racing,
as earth and sky
meld into one creation.
A few steps
take me away from the lost horizon,
my steps quickening without my desire.
Again, the fog clouds my eyes
hiding my face from the beauty
that I have frightened away.

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