Her Own Little World

January 8, 2010
When a girl is feeling down
Nothing but a frown
To flaunt for a grin
The loneliness sinks in

When a rare delight is a hug
An embrace
For a moment to let her heart race
When a darling to hold seems like
An unreal hope

Little darling looks to poems
To express her feelings solely
To the one who'll understand

No judgments, no demands
Of something from her
Ungivable or forgivable
Nothing held to expectations

Freedom to speak her mind.

Let her run through her pastures
Hair flailing wild in the wind
Cities and troubles
Dimming out of sight
Worries left in the footprints
Made by bare naked feet

Lotuses and lillies
Softly kiss smooth skin passing
Grasses smell of
Fresh morning's dew
Wetting the air with the presence
Of an old friend whispering
"Hello again."

The mind is a wonderful place
Is it not?

But, no, to wake up
And close the dream's door
In an unfortunate reality
Of another sad day

But she grins and bears it
Knowing that enduring
Means returning to her mind
Her haven, her sublime

Little world of her own
Her free, beautiful life in her


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