God What More Can I Do?

January 8, 2010
By PoeticFreedom2010 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
PoeticFreedom2010 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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"Let Us Dream of tomorrow where we can truly Love from the soul, And know Love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all Creation."- Michael Jackson

"I give you my heart, you take a piece, I give you my soul, you take a piece, I Give you my mind, you take a piece, I give you my all, you take a piece. I reach my hand out to yours to feel what you feel...I’m stopped by this wall you have built around me, your afraid to let me in but i won't bite, I'll cherish, I'll love, I'll give you all my might. You think I don't understand but that is so far from the truth. God only knows I understand but is there anything more I can do? I Want Your heart baby, I promise I won't break it,I Want your love boy I Promise I Won't take It, For You Have Stole My Heart & All The Love Inside But All You Left Me With Is These Tears inside. .Burning My Soul, The Desire And Fight Inside To Be All I Can Be For You But I ask God Simply What More Can I Do...So I Wait...And Wait Until That Day Comes Where I'm Forever Connected To You My Love."

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