Head strong

January 8, 2010
stay head strong in your faith and in what you believe in and don't let others question you and put you down avout your faith. God made you the way you are and the way he wanted you to be and that's why your special. Nobody's perfect but in you rheart you can change and choose the way you want to be. show how much god really loves you to others because god loves everybody equally. god created this world we live in to be like him. gid died on the cross for our sins so we should thank him for sacrificing his life for us. just remind your-self that god is always with you, and he is always in our hearts and our minds. gos is everywhere even if we don't know it. someday jesus will come back and bring his people with him back to heaven and let the cruel rotten hearts of satan be thrown i the burning lake of fire. when yo hear god's voice listen to what he has to say to say to you, because what ever he has to say is important and will help you and will surely let you know that he is real. i am a child of god and so are you so let's just praise the lord and read our daily verses i the bible. i read the daily proverbs every day and i do daily devotions to grow and learn more about god and to strengthen my heart and mind in god's word and love. god has a plan for you and me in life and in the future. set goals for your self and i'm sure that you will achieve them soon. god bless you and may i keep you all in my prayers. just remember life and choices you make is a two way street but you can only go one way.which way will you choose?

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