Our Story

January 8, 2010
By , Linden, NJ
My life was good
Before you walked
Back into my heart.
But once you
Came, my smiles grew
And my tears lessoned.

I loved it
When you called
We could fuss and
Fight and still
Find it in
Ourselves to be happy.
We laughed and
Loved no matter
how mad we
Were at the other.

But good things
Always seem to
Turn badly for me.
You stopped calling
And I gave up
On trying, to
Make it work
With you.

I felt it
Was the end of
You and me,
Though you thought differently.
You started calling again
But you acted as if
Everything was normal,
Maybe for you,
But not me.

In my heart
I knew we weren’t
The same two,
So I pushed…
Until I felt
The end was near.

And then she sent
Me that text;
At that moment my heart shattered.
How could you?
Was it really needed?
To go behind my
Back and try
To see how many
You could have.

Oh she told me
Everything you said
I heard it
For myself
But you will
Never know that
I know the
Truth about you.

You continued to
Call and I tried
To call it quits
But of course you
Wouldn’t have that!
It had to be done your
Way, the “punk” way
By a text message.

I stated that
“Love hurts”
And you said
“Only when you
Make bad decisions
And we weren’t meant.”
To me, you
Were speaking
About yourself.

All I did was
Bear my heart
But I should have known
You couldn’t handle
A pure and true woman
Like myself.
It’s hurting me
Deeply, but I know
There is a way…

What I need is
For you to
Finally set me
Free and release me
From this captivating
Hold you have on me.
I feel so locked away
Like I’m stuck behind metal bars, because of you.

You had my heart
For far too long
And it’s about time
I get it back.
I know it’ll be
Rough and tough
But I know
I’ll find away
To move on
And never look back.

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