Her Words

January 8, 2010
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What’s going on?
All my emotions
Feel like they’re
Locked away.
As if there’s a
Wall blocking my
Mind from my heart.

And yet half
Of me wants to
Break free of
These feelings.
So why do I hold
On so tight?
When all I want to do is let go….

Words cut deep
But a mother’s
DAM that hurts!
She hurt me like
No other could.
I didn’t think
She ever would
Not like that.

She proved me
Wrong within 20 minutes!
She claimed she
Loves me, how could she,
When she said all
Those hurtful words.

All I think about
Is my appearance
I know how I look
I see my flaws,
And so does
Everyone else.
So why does
She tell me what
I already know?

Does she think
She’s helping me?
If so how?
All she’s doing
Is putting me down
When I already
Feel low enough.
Why give me a
Push when I’m already

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