Searching for Bamboo

January 8, 2010
to open up my conscience
i don’t take yoga classes,
i don’t listen to classical
in the morning,
i don’t light candles and hum
the silent sound of silence.
it’s hard.
it’s harder to find ways
to open my mind than it is
to find a panda bear searching for bamboo.
even a French explorer couldn’t
make the trip across my brain.
too far, and too empty.
i think that the loneliness
would get to them.
they would sit on dry dunes
staring at the blazing sun mumbling
insanity ‘till my blue moon rose
and the process would repeat.
and no the is no water.
my imagination can’t contain such a necessity.
but it is fragile my brain.
memory is key. connecting the pieces
together so the don’t crumble apart.
and i am tired of looking
and searching. i don’t want to be
some lonely French explorer that you
and i both know is searching for
something forgotten.
and no matter how close i get to it.
i am turned back around
in the opposite direction only
to start my journey again
looking for bamboo

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