We'll Be Alright

January 8, 2010
By Sunshyne BRONZE, Oakdale, California
Sunshyne BRONZE, Oakdale, California
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When you're run to the ground,
Let me be your home
Where sleep comes sound
You don't have to feel alone.

If you need me, just tell me.
I'll never love you less,
All I'll ever do is worry,
Hold your hand, rub your chest.
Kiss your forehead,
Lay in your bed,
Quietly, nothing needs to be said.

Not certain where we'll end up
Or which direction to sail.
Just know you'll always have me, love,
Even if we fail.

Calm your progressing stampede.
Come, feel my embrace
You shall no longer bleed.
Devotion and care have a healing face.
The face is mine,
Scars heal with time,
To you I promise to be benign.

My fears are now fake.
I'm causing you pain.
How much more can you take?
My faults cause us strain.

You can strip off your disguise,
Reveal all your scars,
No need for shameful eyes
It's only me, sweetheart.
I'll alleviate your pain,
My love you have gained
Let me be your shelter in the rain.

The author's comments:
I wrote it about my relationship with my boyfriend. At the time he was cutting himself and I just needed him to know that I'd always be there for him.

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