feed the Monster

January 8, 2010
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pills popping for that buzz
that high
you fake prescription
to, feed addiction
you start
you can't stop
never knew you
before the pills
and you never were
and you never were anything to me
eating yourself
feeding addiction
losing all, human description
just another, white pill lifted to your lips
pop pop pop
all those pills
pop pop pop
for emptiness it fills
pop pop pop
just one more time
pop pop pop
now your out of line
pop pop pop
like it's life
stick it on your tongue
take a plastic cup of water
swallow your pride
every time you take a pill
pop pop pop
every time you take a pill
sip slowly
take the white capsules in
wait for the rush
wait for that
oh this smells of destruction
like , volcanic eruption
mount rehab soon to follow
but your heart is truly hollow
no desire to repent
there's no one present
once you leave this story goes on
so pick up white capsules
gotta feed the monster
pop pop pop
gotta feed the monster
pop pop pop
must feed the monster
pop pop
you are the monster

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