January 5, 2010
By ubiodee BRONZE, Calabar, Other
ubiodee BRONZE, Calabar, Other
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Favorite Quote:
When water is dirty what will we use to wash it

No more fighting with guns and swords
Nor oppressing with bombs and missiles
Neither affluencing through weapons of war
Nor influencing through victories of war
For our little pen has prooved itself supreme
To all amours and tools of war

Napoleon conquered the world but could not conquer the pen
No wonder why he never reigned for long

Hitler attacked jews but could not try the pen
No wonder why he was defeated at last
Osama attacked America but never triumphed the pen
Little wonder why he is hiding for life.

Our pen(knowledge) is a pricelless bulet
It penetrates the thickest of all walls

To unravel mysteries snd secrets that has existed for years
It puts and remove men from fame
Small but mighty thats its name.

Einsteen tried its power and testified to it
Dickens did confide in it and never regreted it
Newton was ossified in it and found contention in it
Shakespeare loved the pen and was glorified in it.

Thousands of men have confirmed its power
with it they have used to climb the tower
Unlike the power from weapons which will one day sour
The power from the pen, like the rain will continue to shower

The author's comments:
The work is my message to the youths to drop the sword

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