Mistakes, regrets, the past, moving on

December 22, 2009
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I'm running from life.
It's impossible to get away.
Sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes,
And then things would be different.
I just want to be somebody.
I don't know if I can, but I'll try.
I've messed up in my life more then once.
And no matter what .
My parents and family and friends are still by my side.
Even tho i made a mistake.
I learnt from my mistakes to never do anything stupid again.
Cause when i think about it i have more to give in life.
And I'm better than that.
My parents may be mad, may be angry, may be hurt.
But i have to except the fact that i messed up, not them.
So i should'nt be mad at them , and think its thier fault for just caring for me.
Thier love me, and they never will stop loving me.
They may not trust me, but i have to be strong and gain back that trust from them.
Cause if you don't , they will never trust me.
The thing is i mess up all the time.
Its not the end of the world.
Im just glad i have loving parents,
there yelling at me for what i did
Cause, i was stupid for what i did ,
I learnt from my mistake, i took the punishment and the consequences,
and im happy that thier did that,
cause without them i may be doing it again and again
so i think alot about it .
I have so many people here for me.
caring for me, loving me.
I relize People mess up all the time.
It's no reason to just run away.
If you do, your problems will wait for you.
You just gotta move on, and relize what you did was wrong.
You have to except yourself for what you've done.
You can't sit and feel sorry for yourself.
Life's not that bad.
It's what you make it out to be.
There will be good and bad times.
Sometimes more bad then good.
Either way it's life.
Sometimes you screw up.
But that's life.
All you have to do is change what you did.
Think about how stupid it was.
Think what would of happend.
And never do it again.
I would never want to change my life.
Even though I've messed up in the past.
I think it made me a stronger person.
and a better person.
So instead of running,
il think il Just stay and take life as it is!
Cause life is life. no ones perfect.
You just have to learn from your mistakes.
Forget the past.
and & move on.

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