Two Hearts

December 22, 2009
By DreamOfMe011 GOLD, Manchester, New Hampshire
DreamOfMe011 GOLD, Manchester, New Hampshire
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There she lays,
Broken like no other
Time has wasted her away
And she could be gone forever

The last of her breath
Is breathed out of her
And she’s so near death
She’s got nothin’ left in her

She’s looking towards the light
And it looks so beautiful
Is it time for her to give up the fight
And end this wonderful life?

She decides the worst is over
It’s time to put the bottle to her lips
She’s giving up on her
Death is her one wish
She just wants this to end
And she truly hopes it can

She closes her eyes
As she fades into time
Her body’s displaced
And her soul’s embraced

A feeling consumes her
Of pure love and perfection
The pain is all over
No more deception

She feels content
For the first time she can remember
This must be God’s sent
What he promised through the Savior

But suddenly she feels so much more real
And another feeling she can’t describe
That feels utterly surreal
Consumes the little part of her still living life

She’s very aware
As someone pulls her into their arms
She thought no one cared
If she did her body harm
They carry her away from the floor
Where she had been laying crumbled
She longed for that surreal more
For no more troubles

She had met disaster
Her plan had backfired
She didn’t want to last here
For living she had no desire

When her subconscious mind
Suddenly recognized
The arms she was in
Was the one’s she never thought she’d be in again

She was in Heaven now
Even if Heaven’s sometimes on earth
Because what’s meant to be will find a way how
There’s no stopping two loving hearts

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