All the Colors of the Rainbow!

December 22, 2009
Red is the color of love,
The color of the suit that the big fat man wheres every christmas,
Blood or blush of a person
Orange is the color of a pumpkin
The color the leafs that fall from the tree
It is also my favorite color
Yellow is hard to see,
it is the sun, the yellow smily face
Lily’s and daisy flowers are also yellow
Green is the grass that we lay on
the color of those little mans hats
and the color of the christmas tree
Blue is the sky
the ocean and the cover of a book
it can mean sadness or someone’s favorite color
Purple is light and sometimes dark
It is the color of a lavender candle
But my mom thinks that she should live in Purple
Pink is the color of the “Pink Panther”
Its the color of a 4-year-olds princess dress
But I hate this color more then all
Black is the way to darkness
The feeling of being trap and empty
it goes well with pink
White is the light of god
the color of the a wedding dress (sometimes)
It is the clouds and the snow we sky, It is Blaine.

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