Number 14

January 8, 2010
By Samantha Bombardier BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
Samantha Bombardier BRONZE, Milford, Connecticut
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For the first time, I am speechless. Scratch that, I take it back.
It. Arm. Pokémon. Metallica. Manson.
Shot gun. Comfortable. Please. Jokes.
Own expense. Hai. What? Why?
Boy. Girl. Mattress. School. School.
Dislike. Fight Club. Adorable. Laugh.
Smoke. Talk. Blue. Red. Yellow. Bathroom.
Chex Mix. Popcorn. Cheap. Loud. Metal.
Meow. Funny. No, hilarious. Stolen. Oh my goodness.
Hat. Hood. Sweatshirt. No fair. Not at all. Miss you.
Wish you were here… Well you are here. ATHF.
WTF SAM. You wouldn’t get it. No one would.
Stance. Punch. Connect. Lulz. Well, what am
I gonna do now? Hit Pass. Pay. More than. In excess.
Thank you. Clerks. High-five. Starbursts.
Well who do you think you are?
Fight. Leave. Girls. Leave. Girls. Leave. Girls.
Fight for yourself. No surprise. Turn. Change.
I wish. You wouldn’t get it. I don’t even get it.
Safety tips. Hell yeah. DVR. Why am I doing this.
I wanna stop now… Time’s up.

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