Can You See My Candle?

January 16, 2010
How do you put out a candle
In a sea of darkness?
By drawing the cloak of night around it,
Tighter? I hope you try.
Because when you do, I know you’ll find
That all the darkness of all the nights
Cannot extinguish
A single candle.

My mind is like that candle.
A haven for hopes and second chances.
All the anger in the world
Cannot put it out.

My optimism is like that candle
Never flickering
Except for

When the nights grow darker,
The flame will grow difficult to see.

But even so,
My candle will prevail.
To those who squint to see it,
Amidst the blackness of despair,
To those who know, to those who care
To look
To find
My candle.

Can you see my candle?

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