Fading Away

January 8, 2010
By , Redding, CA
Watch me as I die.
Slowly the life is seeping out from under my skin
Crawling away, feeding into others' laughter.
The smile on my face wavers in its fixture
I am blurry, no longer defined as alive

Watch me as I die
If you can even see me as I walk through life
No longer running to the future, I drag my feet
More sorrow weaves around my heart
The weed is now permanent, I cannot pull it free

Watch me as I die
The listless aura repels those I once knew
Tears are the only treasure I give to the world
They are small pearls, all that’s left of my humanity
I exist as a shadow, hollowed by the knives of life

Watch me as I die
I close my eyes and wish it away but remain
Dreams and darkness are my thoughts as I struggle
My past is not reality, but what I wish I had been
The light inside me flickers, tired of burning

Watch me as I die
Emotions have fled the tainted realm of my heart
Except despair, the most poignant and triumphant
It lives in my chest, filling the vast void left behind
I welcome it, my only friend and sense of being

I know it will watch me as I die

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