Dream to Feel. Live to Be. Part I

January 8, 2010
By julesze BRONZE, Fremont, California
julesze BRONZE, Fremont, California
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Sometimes I sleep
And I dream of crazy things
Of beautiful and wonderful things
Of scary and painful things.
Then I wake up and life’s not real anymore.
Black is a color and not an emotion.
Is this life?
Without feeling?
Without freedom?
All I wish is for
My dreams to
Take me

The author's comments:
Dreams and imagination are powerful. They can give you peace of mind, or suffering. Your mind is only limited by the extent to which you can dream or imagine.

But there is another aspect to life we rarely think of when we try to escape our day to day habits. Acceptance of yourself and your life can be just as positive as trying to avoid them. Your soul is only limited by the extent to which you can continue and endure. Simply being present is invaluable.

Dream to Feel. Live to Be.

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