Im Lost

January 7, 2010
By MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I wanna talk
But cant
I haven’t got the voice to
Haven’t had it for a while
Im desperate to tell someone all emotion
Every though ive had and still do
But I cant
I don’t know why
Am i afaird of the judgment that will come with it
Or the lose of trust?
Maybe im just so used to hiding
I don’t want to be found
I feel like im a bad game of hide and seek
Ive done the hiding part
People have tried to find me
But I just never wanted to come out
My hiding spot wasn’t so easy to get to
I wish I wasn’t this difficult
I wish things were a lot simpler
But wishing doesn’t do anything
It happens or it doesn’t
And at this point
Im no longer hopeful

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