My Voice

January 7, 2010
By MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
MelissaSmith GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Each tear
Filled with rage
Filled with despise
Filled with pure raw emotions
On how you’ve made me loose the one thing that mattered
The one thing that made me the person I am
You made me discourage myself
You made me think less of my self
All because you used more similes then I did
More metaphors
More words
You took my ability to express myself
So you could have it all to your self
You stole like a thief in the pure darkness
Of the cold night
Actually you didn’t only take it
But you made me hide it
Far into the deepest depths
Of my inner self
The coldest
Rawest parts of my stomach
Not even my stomach
My heart
I discouraged myself to the point where all self confidence vanished
Like a magic trick gone bad
It was easier to hide all emotion
Then to reveal it
But how could I when I had hid my voice
Far beyond grasps
Of anyone who wanted the slightest glimpse
Of whom I was
And not you
I felt no pain at all
I was completely numb
Like by body was take over my daily doses of Novocain
God’s greatest drug
You made me disguise myself
Into thinking I was no greater
But less
And that I believed
At least until now
Just because my words don’t rhyme
And my words don’t pop
Or aren’t so brilliant as yours
Doesn’t mean I don’t show emotion
Because honestly it’s the rawest emotion you’ll ever taste
Like raw red meat
Still sitting in its own crimson blood
Its deeper the cuts I produced by the blades
I cant believe I submitted to you
And thought I was less
But the truth is im only better
Ive got style
Ive got originality
Ive got a voice
Something I guess you lack
And tried to take
But sorry my voice is all mine
im taking down the for sale sign
Im closing down the shop
Because my voice is who I am
and something your just not

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