January 7, 2010
By Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
Stephanie.Marie GOLD, Manasss, Virginia
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a story of two srangers

and for all that can
we turn our lips
up to the sky
wink at the sun
and smile at a small tune
as we listen to the sound of the story it tells

we bob our heads in return for a small whisper of music
a shy smile
turns into a shy kiss
we forget the wind
that once gripped our lips

but it is just simply lost in the sound of life
forever held in the memories of that whistle as we meet together
that sweet music we trust will always be there
so we forget for a moment
as our breath intertwines as we linger
this moment so sweet

that small tune turned into an orchestra
for only a moment of two lips holding hands
and then the strangers meet

their eyes held by each others stare
together they share that solid moment
with a small tune held in the universe
strung up by two lips
mixed together by two minds

this haunting melody will play
it will stay on repeat in their minds
unable to forget the beat
no regrets for there backs to carry though
carefree is how they work

it’s so sweet how one can forget so easily
they were labeled as strangers
but they knew each other
their tune held the connection
and forever they will never meet again

a sad story plays out at the end
they will hear it
everyday of the rest of their life
unwilling to let go
but it doesn’t bother them

They know their was an impact
That small tune floats
It floats away into the desperate sky
Greeting the concrete stars with laughter
Waiting for the moment to be captured

And we wait
Alone or together
As we watch these two people
Separate but together
Connected by this small tune
That lingers in the sky

And the world will forever sing
It will whistle the small tune
Heard of; by everyone
The story though; yet to be heard of
But it needs to be told
And people need to listen

The author's comments:
take it as you see it.

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