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In a Newport

January 7, 2010
By 11omiller BRONZE, Somerset, Ohio
11omiller BRONZE, Somerset, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Happiness only real when shared" -Into the Wild

You see a lot of things if you
stand in the same spot for not even a long time
And it’s all different-
every single one is a poser in their own right
At some, I raise my eyebrows
in which I’m scolded with the word “variety”
So they lay down and just watch
like a resting dog curious of its own paw

I met a lot of people
and I don’t even know their name
Which fascinates me…………

A precocious young man
in a knee length petticoat
Gray, like the lines of his sexuality.
He’s as slick as the bangs he
pushes back so we can see his
“I don’t give a damn
about the God Damned”

I saw him later consoling himself
with dark Columbian coffee
he drank through a straw.

That striking face
straight out of a Tim Burton film
sitting at Bento Go Go
shuffling cards and cigarettes
Like he didn’t know how great the sight
of his beard seemed to me.
The line was moving or I swear to God
I’d take a picture to remember
those finely pixeled stubbles

A man, maybe in his thirties
Choked his neck with cashmere
and buried himself in wool—he was alone
So naturally, I felt sympathetic towards the poor cocoon
which I then wrapped myself in—
Because essentially I am alone
So, I’m about to comment on the weather
Or some s***
When he took a face shot on his camera phone
so, instead, I just told him it wasn’t that cold outside

A beautiful girl in a fedora
That matches her dark hair and
eyes that seem to know how good she looks
Stands against the rail
Scared to move, to nod her head yes
Yes. This is why I’m here
And so, I push her aside
Nodding my head that I’m here

The annoying little old girl
smashed against my ear
Keeps professing her love
to the girl in front of me
laughing at her own lesbian jokes
Wondering aloud if we knew they were jokes
“not that she cared”
I wanted to turn around right then
and kiss her on the lips
so they’d shut

We’re walking back to the garage,
where we parked reality,
Making a jackass of ourselves on High
and these strangers stare back at us
Like who are You

I’ve met a lot of people
And I don’t even know their name
which saddens me

The author's comments:
It's amazing all of the inspiration 20 minutes of people watching while waiting in line for a concert can create

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