Kisses From Boys

January 7, 2010
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Share a laugh
Share some kisses
Kisses of shyness
Kisses of affection
Affection from the heart
Affection from my lips
Lips are for kissing
Lips are for telling
Telling a joke
Telling some secrets
Secrets that are dark
Secrets that are deep
Deep regrets
Deep hurt
Hurt from him
Hurt from love
Love is what kills
Love is what heals
Heals a broken heart
Heals broken people
People who have loved
People who have tried
Tried to give love
Tried to give hope
Hope for a future
Hope for something
Something that will last
Something that promises
Promises no hurt
Promises no pain
Pain is what poisons
Pains is what ends
Ends this love
Ends what is good
Good for him
Good for her
Her heart slowly bleeds
Her heart slowly cries
Cries for happiness
Cries for a need
Need for love
Need for this to stop
Stop crying
Stop falling
Falling for boys
Falling for boys
Boys take
Boys break

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Katie_Potatie said...
Jul. 11, 2010 at 11:44 am
Beautiful. Utterly beautiful dear. Blows me out of the water. And so true......I loved it. Never stop writing!
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