My perfect love poem

January 7, 2010
There is this glitter that rests at the bottom of my globe.
I'm untouchable and content.
I hide inside but your face and your words float blithely around me.
You seem to be the only hand that makes the glitter dance about the globe, even when you're gone.

But this isn't fair, and it certainly isn't a game.
This is not our poem.

You knew the songs no one heard and you knew the me no one saw.

You shake me up.I find this light inside of you that I want for my own.I can't run away from this, but that seems to be all you do.

Sweetie, I thought you were worth it. Look into your hands; you'll find my heart, my honesty, and my trust.

Now the the glitter is beginning to settle, and i can see that i don't want to stay anymore.
Don't walk away from this, i'll run first.

You were my Christmas and my summer.
Oh, the treats. Oh, the feeling of being carried through the glitter.

I'm standing firmly behind these words. Things have changed, dear..

What a waste you were.
A waste of words, time, money, emotion, and thought.
Give me attention so that i will have the final laugh.

I know you like they don't, but you keep taking the chance i can't.

Sweet and sour. My poem.

Warm September afternoons, me in a pink dress and a beautiful smile- because of you and the warmth you cover me in.

Like you are the sun and I orbit you too closely. Forget the burn.

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