What is Life About?

January 7, 2010
By Evr-Hopeful-Wishr BRONZE, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Evr-Hopeful-Wishr BRONZE, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
*Picks up rock*
"A rock."
*Looks around him and sees nothing but desert*
*Turn around and licks rock*
*Grimaces and shakes head*
-Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End

Life is like a string
That starts when a baby with wings
Life is like a bird with wings
That floats by our side
And has it's chest puffed up in pride

Life is a song that never ends
A low, sweet crooning lullaby
Joy and happiness it lends
But for some, it could lend hate
For death and sorrow it can't abate

Life is as smooth as a dance
Whirling and twirling around like the waltz
It brings some together in romance
Then they kiss and marry,
And a baby, new to the world, they carry

This process is unavoidable
Whether in the form of a song, dance or bird
It is always, undeniably heard.

The author's comments:
I was in the mood.

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