Rising Above

January 6, 2010
By , McAllen, TX
The time we spent,

the look in your eyes,

the words you spoke.
Fake. Faulty. False.

Placed in front of me for only one reason;
a reason I was to naïve to see.
This reason never came from your heart.

Your heart, that I thought held all the answers to my prayers,

your heart, that I thought was mine,

your heart, that I thought loved me for me.

Obsidian. Obscure. Obligated.

The wishes and desires came from a place that was not your heart.
They say women think with their hearts and men think with other parts;
nether regions and pleasures were the only reasons you kept me around.

I am no longer blind.

I see the truth of the matter.

I am heartbroken.

Aching. Alone. Alive.

A side of me has been put away for further inspection;
you will not be the one who sees me shattered.
I will rise again, you will regret, I will forget.

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