He Knows What I Need.

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

He knows what I need.
He listens to me.
Or at least he usually does.
But recently,
He hasn’t had time for me,
Maybe being hurt by this is silly.

I get that he’s busy.
I understand,
I swear.
My worries aren’t about that.
I worry that we aren’t connected,
It feels wrong now.

But all summer we laughed,
And chatted, and talked,
And things were perfect and fine.
But then school came.
We had no time,
Things began to change.

He cheated on me.
I broke up with him.
That should have, could have,
Been then end of him and me,
But then he texted,
We got back together.

And I thought things would be fine.
They were,
Now they’re not.
I don’t even know why.
It’s confusing, scary, and not perfect at all.
What if we break up?

Will I cry?
Will I mull?
Or will I be just fine?
I don’t know.
Time will tell.
That’s the future, this is now.

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