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January 6, 2010
By pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
pencilchick GOLD, San Jose, California
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The sleep of reason produces monsters -fransisco goya

The way I live is simple… by the book. By the letter, the alphabet is my only true companion, it alone allows me to speak, lie, and love. I write with passion because it is the only thing that is true, my love of writing it true, pure. Without that I don’t know who I am what my purpose is and how I function. With words I can take you to places you have never even dreamed of. I can show you the depths of the ocean or the empty vastness of space. I can show you what it’s like to love and hate, to kill, to create. I can, but I won’t. Because to me the world is slipping, language is no longer efficient; novels can no longer be understood. Moby Dick, The Count of Monte Cristo, Black Beauty all will be lost along with countless others, but what can we do. We can turn it around. Writing is broken now with today’s youth, they have no knowledge of how their chopped language affects them they have no idea it’s their death. To lose ones voice is worse than anything out there take time and care with how you write words are powerful not useless things that can be thrown around. The letter is the building block of nature and life to throw them around in a text is sacrilegious, one must be careful with them one slip up and your whole life could change

The author's comments:
This is the way I think anyone who calls themselves a writer should think!!!!

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