Rain Like Tears

January 6, 2010
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Drop after drop, the rain is coming down,
Inch after inch they're getting closer to the ground.
Drops racing pointless race,
Just to get on someones pretty face.

Tears like rain are coming from your eyes,
When your heart feels just like ice.
The thought of hope can make the tears go away,
But the ice around the heart will always stay in place.

Like rain can melt the snow on the frozen grass,
Like words "I love you" can make my heart beat again.
All the feelings can never go away,
Because my love will always stay this way.

Tears are falling off your face hitting solid floor,
Now your walking out through the last broken door.
Walking to the last lit up candle in the pouring rain,
With each step thinking of all that pain.

Thinking of that one last hope on your way,
Scared that soon it might just all go away.
Three magical words can change your life,
Or three more tears can turn off the light.

Light just like hope still shining in the rain,
Hoping that it will never fail.
Tears start rolling faster down your face,
One last drop just end it all in this lonely dark space.

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