January 6, 2010
By theawkwardbox BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
theawkwardbox BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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i want to taste the
melting snowflakes fell
from feathered grace
of waxy angels wings
another kind of glory

i want to feel the way that
fever bright eyed halo
slipped around your throat
a way to anchor me
a flame-cast glowing

i want to be the way the
air you breathe turns
red with june and fades
with time
the way that every
hour spent in transit
is one less of mine

i want to see the way you speak
and what you dream
on new years eve
the way that i could sometimes
be your monday morning

The author's comments:
I actually used the french spelling, noël, for the title everywhere else I've posted this, but apparently titles must be more than four characters. (Howl?) Went kind of crazy with the tags. Hello, Teen Ink, my name is Lizzy, and this is the most adequate introduction I'll be able to make.

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