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I Type Away

January 6, 2010
By Sydney GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Sydney GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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treat others how you wish to be treated

the night is ushering away
almost time for a new day
with a hasty pressure i type away
click, go the keys
tick, goes the clock
i try and finish
my story

for night after night i stay awake
typing, typing away
trying to finish my masterpiece
each day after i pay the price
falling asleep in gym
falling down as i walk

the dread i feel
is worth it, as i see
my idea, my legacy
typed out the way i want
perfection, is what it is
forever typed and known
forever read and apraised
all that time was no waist

The author's comments:
i love to write, so i took my creativity and streached a fact into aqn interesting poem. i have managed to stay awake in all my class :P and to type my stories in all free time, and keep up my love of reading, and acting. =^.^=

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