Farewell and Goodbye

January 12, 2010
We stand together today
Yet I fear you will throw me away
What once seemed like forever will end
And you will say farewell to this friend.

The regret I will unknowingly place in your heart
And the longing you will have to be apart.
Soon, very soon
I’ll mess up and set off the typhoon.

I wait, yet I fear
To lose someone so dear.
I fear of the day you leave
Of the night your spirit will grieve.
From your memory, you will wish to erase
my name and my once cherished face.
I fear, of the moment in time when you look me in the eyes
And say your final goodbyes.

I await this horrid day, this weary night, for it will come soon.
The moment in which I watch you walk away, into the sunset and past the moon.
Destroyed we both will be
But at least your spirit will be free of my wretched memory.

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