The Dive (A New Breath)

January 12, 2010
By 10r4life BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
10r4life BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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My body loosens
Tension a thing of the past
Gravity takes the better of me
Pulling me down like a heavenly tug
A small pop of my toes
And my feet no longer connect with a solid surface
I am in the realm of the sky
Yet the world of my breath
As the cities of this place
The countries that make up the air
Whip past my body
Stripping me of the long kept heat
And finally
The border
As I pass to a new realm
With a new, foreign breath
A breath that ripples across my face
From front to back
And travels against my neck
Then torso
All the way to my feet
My body pulls with it
Pieces of my own realm
My own breath
But that breath does not exist here
It cannot exist here
My world leaves me, abandons me
And I am now in a new world
A world draught of wind
A world whose breath I do not breathe
And with one fluid motion
One force
I reawaken in my battle against gravity
Fight it
And win
Bringing my self home
Purging through this foreign realms barriers and borders
And rediscovering the breath
Of my world

The author's comments:
I really had little to no inspiration to write this piece. It was simply an idea I had to write about a diver.

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