The Addict

January 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Stop looking at me!
You scream
With slurred words
Accusing everything
Blaming everyone
For your insecurities.

Drink in hand
Is how you’re known
One, two, three,
It’s never enough,
All day long,
It’s never enough
Countless, endless yet,
It’s never enough.

Excuses are all
That come from
Your crooked confused grin.
Yellowed chain smoker teeth
Shining in the light
In our eyes.

It’s good for me-
You mumble and moan
Breath wreaking of
Alcoholic death-
Then down another
Like it was water.

Why can’t you stop?
We ask, we beg.
At least don’t go out there-
Put the drink down
Give us the keys.

You think you’re fine
That the “healing” drinks make
The world better
Nothing could possibly
Happen to you.
And we wish, we hope
That we could…

But we know
We could never stop you.

But what about-
The one time,
Listening to no one and
The one time,
You’ve drunk too much and
The one time,
You’ve suddenly lost
All the control you thought you had?

I don’t care!
You sob softly,
Just once more
Before passing out
Never to remember
The pain you’ve caused…

When you wake,
Your children need you
But all you need
Is just one more drink.

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