Copy Cut

January 12, 2010
How could you do this to me?
Leave me alone with no comfort zone
Can’t even find a light to guide me
What has happened to this place?
Everyone’s being so cruel
Then I find you
The love of my life
And you leave me
Taking my heart with you
So how am I supposed to live now?
I don’t have a heart, so don’t expect me to love again
You were my first
But my last at the same time
Did you expect me to just get up and walk away?
Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble
I can’t just let things go like that
You raised your expectations to immeasurable heights
I’m not that perfect
I can’t be everything you want me to be
God knows you weren’t what I wanted
And yet I still find myself thinking about you
So why is love like this?
Or was what we had even love?
Maybe it was simply a spin-off of it
A copy cut version that could never be like the real thing
Will I ever be able to let you go?
I have to wonder,
Do you still think about me?
I bet you don’t
It didn’t seem like I meant much to you
You were always flirting with all my friends
I even gave you a second chance
Or was it the fourth?
It seems like it’s been forever since I talked to you last
But it’s only been a week
Why do things end this way?
My life had shortened down to just you
Now you’re not a part of it so I’m nothing
Just an empty shell waiting to be filled
I bet that won’t even happen
My heart hurts so much
It’s surprising it’s even still there
My voice holds no words
Can you believe all my friends have left me?
I balanced both you and them
But of course, you had to take over
You told me to ignore them
I can’t believe I listened to you
I fell so hard I’m still feeling it

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