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Blissful expression

January 11, 2010
By Lunaticmoon47 BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
Lunaticmoon47 BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
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"The only thing certain about the future is uncertainy"

She'll be the rose and I'll be the poet,
no matter my shortcomings with this inspiration none could compare or show it
Mercury and venus on either side of the bridge of her nose,
every intricate detail beautiful down to her cute little toes.
She'll be my truth and I'll be her mercy,
and we'll both be hand in hand still come eternity.
I am reality she is a fantasy,
yet I could never describe how wonderful with human literacy.
I'll hold her high in hopes that she'll hold me back,
and I'll love her forever until my heart is blue and black.
to her; I love you more everyday,
and I hope I'll take your love for me with me to my grave.

The author's comments:
This poem was written to express my affection towards my girlfriend. There is not much to get really, it can be taken at face value.

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