The lion and the owl

January 11, 2010
By Lunaticmoon47 BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
Lunaticmoon47 BRONZE, Lexington, Oklahoma
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A proud lion walks through the forest of which he has proclaimed himself king of one day. Walking tall and boastful but then becomes curious to the rustling of leaves in a tree. He stops to observe, shortly after, an owl waddles forth. The lion roars "Bow to me for I have accomplished much and am king of the jungle." The owl sits and continues to stare at the lion. The owl says ever so quietly "Who...." Then listens to what the self proclaimed "king" has to say. The lion says "I am grander than thee for I can slay any two to four legged beast." The owl stares down on the "king" dully. "Who....who" The "king" stands on two legs and roars with a fury most inhumane. " Bow before me for my very existence comes with pride, pride that only a true hero would claim rightfully! The very thorns that come and go from my paw whisper righteousness louder than you might scream!" The owl shakes its head and starts to walk away but stops and says "Who" Then with its head turned back the owl clearly and sternly states "Who do you think you are lion? Your mouth has but made you a fool; your pathetic claws simply fail you, for you’re constantly digging and scratching trying to find something which you may hold above my head, but you fail for god has given me wings so that I may soar above any monument you would force your commoners of this jungle to build and to fly low enough to mock it would but bring me to your level. Do not look to yourself for happiness but to god for as your roar, loud as it may be, it shall echo and be snatched by the wind. However the symphony god will lay upon your ears shall echo throughout eternity."

The author's comments:
I was a sophomore when I decided to write this, it seemed that everywhere I went in my school there's always someone that wants to hold something over my head. It would seem that if anything that's just a very ommon social action. Wrong as it may be we've all been guilty of it. None are perfect, even the ones that realize this and tell others about may seem to contradict themselves.

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